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Unusual Stuff - Cars, Sound & Light

From time to time Whitehill Electrical has been asked to look at one or two car related wiring issues. Whilst we are not geared up to handle all automotive electrical issues our skill sets can be helpful.

The top picture is under the bonnet of a Ginetta touring sports car, our customer asked us to modify the loom and make the wiring for the lights water tight, sized correctly and reliable for European rallying. 

The bottom picture is an ABS control module, the problems are published and widely known about, and if indeed the unit that we look at has the normal problem then with nothing to loose its worth attempting a repair at a fraction of the cost of replacing the unit for a new one - to date we have fixed every unit taken looked at - and the repair is arguably better than the manufactured original.

I have also done a few jobs looking at audio wiring for studios and mobile bands.

So if you have something unusual and your looking for an electrician who might look at it then please give us a call.

Electrician covering the areas of Leominster, Hereford, Herefordshire, Worcester,  Worcestershire