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Night Storage Heating

Whitehill Electrical can provide various night storage heating solutions. With electricity rates for off peak supplies still offering a cost effective solution for heating properties. The best installations include a switched off peak supply and modern night storage heaters.

Modern electric night storage heaters (bottom picture) correctly installed alongside combination convector heaters (top pictured) gives the householder the best way to heat their property using electricity. The night storage uses off peak electricity and convector elements are connected to the normal supply giving a top-up facility in very cold weather. Controls on the night storage allow tailoring of heat into the storage as well as heat out.

We also service night storage heaters vacuuming out dust that naturally collects and replacing elements when they have failed, although there are times when we may recommend replacing a unit for a modern one which will in the long run save on electric.

Please feel free to give us a call with any questions about night storage heating on the numbers above.

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