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I'm not sure how many pages I'm going to end up with about lighting. We're all aware of the potential issues around global warming and are constantly reminded as householders that we should be insulating our lofts and walls to minimise the impact our property has on our carbon footprint.

This being the case I am very keen to promote low energy sources of light such as Led lighting and Florescent lighting. 

Led light bulbs with a power rating of 5 or 7 watts are now offering similar levels of light that we would expect from a traditional 50 watt bulb. Florescent offer even more light at a better cost although take a little time to warm up. The really good thing is the operating cycle, some of these bulbs last for over 30000 hrs.

Lighting is a massive subject and the number of different fittings is overwhelming. If you're looking for something a bit different then it really is worth having and good look round or borrowing a catalogue or two or give me a call.

High Power Led Bulb
Florescent Bulb

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