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Consumer Units or Fuse Boxes

The only time a home owner takes a look at a fuse box or consumer unit is if something goes wrong and a fuse trips. If nothing goes wrong you may never look at the consumer unit and almost be unaware of its existence.

The consumer unit in the top picture is one of the latest types used in new installations today. This one has two RCD's which has become the normal configuration, offering occupants of a property the best levels of protection against electric shock or other unwanted happenings. If you'd like to know more about RCD's, information can be found on my RCD page under testing.

If you have an issue with a new type of consumer unit once the defect has been isolated power can be restored to a circuit by simply resetting the tripped fuses a very quick and easy thing to do.

The old fuse box in the bottom picture is one of many still in use today. This type of box has plug-in fuses with wire in them. The only safe way to maintain this type of fuse is to switch off the box before removing the fuse. This is far less convenient than the modern unit. 

A Modern Consumer Unit
Old Fuse Box

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